I was asked to help create a promotional video using just paper to create a 2D, stop motion animation for the South Asian indie film festival here in Austin, TX. Though it was my first attempt at any kind of animation, it was really fun and I learned quite a bit about the preparation and time that goes into turning a concept into a moving video.
A digital mock up to get the feel for scale between elements, and measurements for the camera view and paper placement.
(Zoomed in, first frame)
(Zoomed out)
Mock up for the last frame
Mock up of moving elephant for prototyping and practice

Mock up to test word placement and zoom angles of the camera

Mock up of the sun and its rays to get a feel for the animation

Final video for the opening for the Indie Meme Festival 2017!
A big thank you to Sohil Maknojia for bringing me on for this project!
Check out his great photography, here: http://www.sohilmaknojia.com/

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